REIA of Oakland



PO Box 299
Troy, MI

PH 800-747-6742

tFX 810-939-9909


Don Eichstaedt

John Campbell
Vice President

Alan Faitel

Gordy Oliva

Len Bale
IMD Past Pres

oaklogo Serving Oakland County
in Michigan

Mission Statement

REIA VISION:  An Association of Real Estate Investors that will continue to increase membership yearly in a controlled manner, provide more education for its members, get more involved in political action at the local and state level, become more proactive in its major actions, expand the newsletter and build a greater public awareness of the organization.  MISSION STATEMENT:  To assist members in acquiring real estate through knowledge to maximize their return on investment.


Meetings are held the second Friday of each month at Stephenson Haus - 25000 N Chrysler Dr., Hazel Park.
6:00pm Beginners Discussion/Detroit Sub-Group/Networking
7:00pm Dinner
8:00pm Seminar
Dinner is $14.00 for everyone. The seminar is free to members and $10 for guest unless guest paid for dinner


Single (Individual) $99; Family/Partnership $10; Initiation Fee $10 (new member or lapsed).  Approximately 400 members strong!

ADVERTISING: The monthly newsletter is a excellent way for members and non-members to advertise their products and services. Call for more info on the amazingly affordable rates on ads.
AFFILIATIONS: The Association is affiliated with state and national housing associations.
BOCA: We are members of BOCA so if you a having problems with inspections you can ask them direct their interpretation of the code.
CREDIT CHECKS: Association members can obtain discounted credit checks through numerous companies.
EDUCATION: We hold monthly Friday and intermittent Saturday seminars. Guest speakers present different aspects of rental property information such as taxes, accounting, property management, appraisals, maintenance, laws and ordinances, evictions, etc.
LEGAL COUNSEL/CPA: The Association has lawyers and CPA's skilled in landlord/tenant and other real estate matters that have agreed to provide limited legal and accounting services by phone at no charge.
LEGISLATIVE: The Association is continually on the alert for new regulations affecting landlords.
LIBRARY: The Association maintains an extensive lending library for its members, which includes both written materials and audio tapes.
NETWORKING: We offer an environment for you to share your experiences and associate with citizens who understand your problems.
NEWSLETTER: The Association publishes a monthly newsletter. Membership includes a subscription to the Newsletter.
RENTAL FORMS: The Association prints and furnishes standardized rental and leasing forms as well as many others on disk.

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