Real Estate Investors and Landlords…


·       Almost all tax returns are done wrong, often by thousands of dollars. (Source: Money Magazine) 


·       Most err in favor of the IRS! Not you!!


·         If you leave your money matters (including taxes) up to most CPA’s, you will go broke!


·         The wealthy know NO body, but NO body. cares more about your money than YOU!! 


This does not mean you have to do your own taxes (if you do not want to), but…


Ř YOU Need To Control Your Money With The Nation’s Number 1 Tax-Reduction And IRS Audit-Proofing System…  


The Renaissance Goldmine of Brilliant Tax Strategies For Real Estate Investors

{Completely Updated}



Albert Aiello, CPA, MS Taxation, RE Investor, Landlord


Dramatically Increase Your Cash Flow (And Wealth) By:


v Saving Taxes Every Year

v Preventing Expensive IRS Audits

v Avoiding Bad Costly Advice From Inept CPA’s Who Sock You with Big Fees.


This Is How You CONTROL Your Money!


With a comprehensive manual, 15 audio CD’s and forms disk,

the Goldmine includes tax-saving strategies for every type of real estate investor: Beginner, veteran, full time, part time and for every type of real estate investing:  Landlording,  rental property, commercial, lease-options, wholesaling, retailing, rehabbing, seller financing, paper, self-directed IRA’s, 1031 exchanges, and more.


The Goldmine shows you how to implement money-saving strategies with step-by-step instructions using special Tax-Reduction & Audit-Proofing forms and strategies as follows:

v Forms And Strategies To Substantially Increase Non-Cash Depreciation Deductions Via Cost Segregation Analysis: Double and triple your depreciation deductions with detailed forms that include over 70 documented personal property items that can be depreciated over 5 years, accelerated, rather than 27-1/2 or 39 years, straight-line.  20 more items than can be depreciated over 15 years, using accelerated methods. Other special forms will enable you to fully write-off the building much faster than 27-1/2 or 39 years.



Save $1,000’s in Consulting Fees! With these forms you do NOT need to hire a cost segregation consultant who would charge $5,000 to $10,000 or more and still not be as thorough as AL’s system!



“…I utilized your componentizing technique and the savings more than paid for the course.”   ---Owen Pollard



v Forms And Strategies To Maximize Repair Deductions: Put huge savings in your pocket by legally writing-off large capital improvements as fully deductible repairs with special forms that include over 70 documented deductible repairs, with tax law citations for each item. Includes a case study with filled-in forms and instructions.


v Forms And Strategies To Bypass Passive Loss Limits So You Can Fully Deduct Unlimited Property Tax Losses Against Your Other Income: Documents over 90 activities to prove your business & management activities so you are no longer subject to passive loss limits and will be able to deduct any amount of rental losses (over $25,000), no matter how large, regardless of the size of your income (even over $150,000).


“Al, because of your system I was able to fully deduct my property losses, without limit, even though I am a full time air traffic controller. Saved $23,600 the first year”...Michael Massotto, LA


v Forms And Strategies To Reduce Or Eliminate Your Chances Of An IRS Audit:  These special forms will keep you out of the audit pile and save you taxes, penalties, interest, legal fees, plus the time and aggravation of an IRS audit.


Jay Thompson Picture

“Al, the unthinkable happened.  I received a notice of examination from the IRS (before I purchased your course).  I organized my records in the manner suggested in your Goldmine.  After a brief visit with the examiner, he said, “Everything is on order.”  Result was “no change” on my tax record. But if I had your course this audit would have never happened!” Thanks Al!”....Jay Thompson, C. & J. Properties,


v Forms And Strategies To  Eliminate Taxes On The Sale of Property

v Forms And Strategies For 1031 Tax-Free Exchanges


“AL Aiello is the best at 1031 exchanges”.... Dennis Cohen, Esquire, Head of Tax Department, Cozen & O’Connor, national law firm


v Forms And Strategies For Installment Sale Reporting/Seller Financing


The Hundreds of Strategies in This System Are Fully Backed-Up by an Arsenal of Current Tax Law Cites With Over 30 IRS Audit-Proofing Techniques….All In Understandable Language






Jeffrey Taylor Picture

“I am personally thankful to Al Aiello.  He saved my wife and I over sixty thousand dollars in taxes. I highly recommend you get his complete course”  ... Jeffrey Taylor,


The Renaissance Goldmine...
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More Tax-Saving Strategies:


> Select The Right Entity That Saves You The Most Taxes And Audit-Proofs Your Return The Best. Avoid The Worse Ones That Will Cost You Big Time.


> Create Tax-Free Wealth Via Self-Directed IRA’s – Flip Properties, Options And Paper… All Tax-Free.  Do This With Checkbook Control So You Write The Checks And Save Hundreds In Custodian Fees!


> Recoup Cash Refunds Of Past Paid Taxes With An NOL


> Discover  rehab tax credits for improving historic or older properties, with such credits reducing your tax liabilities dollar-for-dollar in your wallet, while increasing the value of the property. (Most are clueless about this bonanza)


“Al, what I great feeling to get a $190,000 rehab credit. It was like the government writing me a check for $190,000! Thank you so much”...Bob Diamond, Attorney and National Speaker


> More dollar-for-dollar  low income housing credits to offset cash flow = tax-free income (also little known tax credits)


> Handicap access tax credits for special property expenditures to accommodate the handicap and elderly (plus a nice thing to do)


Totally avoid being a dealer when flipping properties – Over 30 Strategies Including The Powerful Statement Of Investment Intent.  Save Tens Of Thousands.  Plus, if you have already been tagged as a dealer, strategies to undue costly dealer status and regain money-saving investor status



“Al, My former CPA had documented (my tax returns) and portrayed my entrepreneurial endeavors as a dealer to the IRS and not that of a Real Estate Investor costing me several thousand dollars, and imminent amount of time required to correct the situation. If I had your system at the time, all this time and money expended would have been avoided! But glad I have it now!! ”… Craig M. Epps, Liberty Township, Ohio 45044



Lease-Option Tax And Investment Strategies You Will Love






Most CPA’s are not Real Estate CPA’s and do not know the cash-saving strategies of this system, costing you dearly.


Cynthia Gordon Picture

“I am a CPA (haha) and real estate investor and I agree with everything you say about CPA's and taxes.  I never knew most of what you are covering in these CD's.  You are going to save me a bundle in taxes”... Cynthia Gordon-Nicks, CPA, Nicks Real Estate Investing, LLC;



If you need assistance with implementation, you have at your disposal…


The Goldmine VIP Email Q&A Access Directly to AL for Your Tax Questions

Responded by Al with prompt expert results. Just the answer to one Q can save you hundreds, even thousands in taxes and CPA fees


“Al, A stick of dynamite with a 6++" wick would have taken longer to detonate than what it took you to respond to my questions.  Absolutely no one out there that can touch that mark!  Phenomenal work Al!!!”...John Gonzalez , RE Investor And Landlord,  COL


Many More Testimonials As To The Promptness, Efficiency And Effectiveness Of Al’s Superior Email Response System.

“Impressive!”, “Fast !”, “Alert!” “Unbelievable!”, Unheard of!”

“Life saver!” “Thank you!” “WOW! ! !”


The Renaissance Goldmine...
$1,295 Pre-Launch Price Special Offer
ONLY $997

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You do not have to do it yourself!

ü You may share the system with your CPA; or

ü Al can refer you a premiere Real Estate CPA.


The Goldmine CPA Referral Program

These are carefully selected CPA/Real Estate Tax Specialists who…


·       Have and know Al’s Renaissance Goldmine tax system

·       Personally trained by Al (have invested several thousands, so they are serious and dedicated)

·       Highly competent – real PRO’s!

·       Give excellent customer support and service

·       Very ethical – not rip-off’s

·       National – All over the country

·       EXTREMELY difficult to find (took Al many years).

$900 Value


“Al, the CPA was indeed AMAZING. You recommended her for my taxes and boy oh boy was she great. Speed knowledge, attitude (go for the deductions attitude as opposed to playing super safe, yet not reckless). Thank you very much for the referral.” …Best, Tatsuro Goldmine student


The Renaissance Goldmine...
$1,295 Pre-Launch Price Special Offer
ONLY $997

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PLUS – SUPER BONUS:  To ensure you save the most money with total IRS audit-proofing

The Goldmine Tax Return Review – For Refunds Of Past Paid Due Taxes


*      Like “found FREE money” you can reinvest


*      RE investors and landlords are ideal (and frequent) candidates for refunds of missed items (most tax returns are done wrong)


*      Up to 3 years of refunds and for missed depreciation, even beyond 3 years


*      While no guarantee, refunds can be substantial, even huge. Al has students with refunds as high as $82,000


*      Review is by a top CPA/Tax Attorney under the supervision of AL. Takes several hours.


*      Includes review of ALL your returns – Individual 1040, LLC, partnership 1065, corporate 1120/1120S


*      Plus, if you have not filed taxes for years, a super safe little-known strategy you will love!



*      Totally confidential - Good for 2 years if you want to wait


$1,000 Value


FREE for the First 15 Buyers, Act NOW!


“Based on your tax strategies I was able to file amended tax returns for the prior 3 years and saved additional $30,000.

Thank you again “ ....Al Butler, Co-Founder of South Jersey Investor’s Association


“ Al, Thanks to the review finding an error in my taxes which I would have unnecessarily incurred an additional $4000 in tax liability which neither I or my CPA caught. This is my best investment yet in guru type courses. I appreciate your staff so much.” ...Reginald Rhoe Special Offer
ONLY $997

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More Goldmine Gems...


_How to bypass 1031 exchange deadlines and not rush into a bad deal


_When taking back paper, should you elect installment sale tax deferral, or not – How to combine with a 1031 exchange


_Avoid IRS disallowing interest deductions on your rental properties (esp. subject-to’s and cash out refis). These are little-known, costly traps for the investor...without the Renaissance Goldmine



_Tax-saving strategies for investing in  “Paper”


_Access  To  Other Difficult-To-Find Experts:

v Self-Directed Checkbook IRA’s

v 1031 Exchange Specialists

v Asset Protection

v Trusts

v Property Insurance

v Debt Reduction

v Zero Interest Unsecured Loans

v Others.



MR Landlord FREE Bonus: Al’s Other Tax-Saving System…


The Ultimate Tax Bible

(Power-House Tax Strategies)
For Self-Employed Entrepreneurs   

(Including Real Estate Investors)


More Overlooked Strategies In Addition To The Goldmine…Reap another $10,000  to $20,0000 of overlooked deductions on how to maximize deductions for your auto, travel (vacations), meals, entertainment, home-office, family expenses, fringe benefits, retirement plans, many overlooked deductions.  Convert non-deductible expenses into valuable powerful business deductions; much more.  Discover how one of Al's students used these strategies and ended up saving $19,000 a year on taxes in only 8 steps. Includes Audio version w/tracking; CD-Rom Forms Disks -Medical Reimbursement  Plan Kit  & Independent Contractor Kit.


“Truly Al, the Taxbible is worth its weight in Gold (or tax dollars!), saving me $20,000.”…Best regards, Omar Capellan,  

The Tax Bible System

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Get It ALL - BOTH Courses for
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Ernie Kessler Picture

“Al Aiello is Considered The Number One Speaker On Real Estate Tax Strategies in The Country”.... Ernie Kessler, Foreclosure Summit, September 2002


Louis Brown Picture

“Al Aiello is a consummate professional who KNOWS HIS STUFF!!!! I HIGHLY recommend that anyone serious about this business cannot afford to be without this expertise.  It’s worth tens of thousands of dollars to your bottom line!”...Sincerely, Louis “Lou” Brown, 30-year Investor; National Speaker


AL Aiello is simply GENIUS!!! I would NEVER get another Tax Program!!! Al is the bottom Line!!”.. TNKS…Paul Pepe


“Al, I am so impressed how quickly you respond.  I am truly glad to be a student of yours and will recommend others to you.  I feel I have used my money wisely.”    God Bless! Melody ( )



Al,  Your NEW RENAISSANCE GOLDMINE - you truly are a Genius and a Visionary!!!   …Thanks, Jim Turk” <>



“Al, you saved me taxes and greatly improved by cash flow by $14,000 annually. These results are not bad for my first year as a part-time RE investor. There are two tax systems: those for the rich and those for everyone else. Yours is for the rich.”...Robert Armstrong, Director of Tax, Louisville, KY


“Al, your component depreciation method saved me almost $20,000 dollars in income taxes that year. It helped me financially having four girls in College at the same time.” ...Angelo D. Guerra, Broker/Owner, ERA Platinum Realtors, Conshohocken, PA.



“Al, thanks for helping me get a $41,000 refund from an NOL!. It       was huge!”...Steve Veller, RE Investor



 “Al, because of your Goldmine we got an unexpected refund of $14,000 from deductions that we used to offset against our W-2 income and took us out of AMT. For next year we can drastically cut our withholding and increase our cash flow by about a $1,000.00 a month. Thanks” ...Bob O’Brien, RPO Properties, LLC, Austin, Tx.


 “The Renaissance Goldmine is the most comprehensive well put together real estate course I have seen. It has saved me over $4500.00 this tax year already.  I'd say that's a good return on my money.  Better then even my best real estate deals. You really break it down so the average guy can understand and sort it out. Al, I can't thank you enough”…John Zangari, Investor, Coral Springs, FL



“Dear Mr. Aiello:  I have been to many Real Estate seminars and the Guru’s some at the top of the heap, their programs which cost a nice penny were amateurishly done.  Instruction manuals and disks were of low audio quality and instructional content.  Whereas, your disks and software program are extremely well done and very comprehensible for learning such a difficult fearful subject.  They are well worth the money and more. We thank you!”... Tony and Chris Palaia,  NJ []



Dear Mr. Aiello: I must congratulate you on a comprehensive set of brilliant tax strategies for real estate investors... it is indeed a Renaissance Goldmine. Thanks for a wonderful system. Sincerely, Ralph Solomon VIP Code:RRS7955,



“I’ve sent Albert several times with questions and I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly he responded….usually in less than 5 minutes.  This service was worth the entire fee all by itself!!” ---

Ed Carter, Investor, Atlanta, GA.


“Al, it's the truth that of all the $30,000 that I've spent on other programs, your program is the only one that I don't think there was any wasted money spent on.  Thanks again”, Ryan Gillespie

“Your Goldmine Package is the deal of the century and I’m just beginning my Investor Career”... Shey Justice, 678-524-4451



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