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Suggested Retail: $399.95        SALE PRICE: $299.95

After the Convention is over, landlords always ask, “Did you record the event?” Good News!

The Audio recordings on Flash Drive of the most recent 2023 Convention have arrived.
Lots of ideas that were shared throughout the 3 days on how landlords can CREATE future success. The one way you can fully appreciate and learn from all the valuable ideas is to be able to listen to the teaching and question and answer sessions over and over again. That is why we make available the entire audio collection of the trainings on flash drive from our recent convention.

The theme of the 2023 convention was "Create Your Future Success!" Though I served as host and was present for the entire event, it's amazing to review all the ideas shared in the recorded sessions and know that I will be able to implement big and little ideas shared by instructors, and from the wealth of experiences of successful landlords who also shared during the brainstorming sessions. You will be able to hear the ideas again and again at your own pace and convenience.

I encourage you to order your own copy of the 3 Day Audio Training from this Convention, which is all on flash drive and can be played or downloaded on most devices. If you were not able to attend the Convention this year, you too will learn from many of the ideas shared on a wide range of landlording and investing topics. As you know, it only takes a few of the ideas to make it well worth the cost and can make a huge impact on your rental success for years to come.

Below is an outline of the topics shared over the 3 days. Trust me however, this outline does not come anywhere close to letting you know ALL the ideas covered and imparted over the 3 days.


Jeffrey Taylor– Create Your Own Resident Pools
Seth Markum – Insuring Rentals – Options Available to You
Alisha Merriman – Maximize Your Future Profits!
Mike Todd – CREATE tax-free income with a self-directed IRA!
Greg Slaughter – Create Your Perfect Tenant!
Mary Hart – Create Your Legacy!
Bonus Q&A Session #1


James Standfield– Empowered for Future Business Success!
Brad Grayson – Create Your Own FREEDOM!
Charles Blair – Transform Your Real Estate Business with AI!
George Antone – Create a Skill to Uncover World of Finance!
TurboTenant – Online Strategies, Boost Your Rental Business!
Mary Hart – Create an Estate Plan to Direct Future Success!
Bonus Q&A Session #2


Jeffrey Taylor – Q&A with Founder of
Lee Philips – Create Future Wealth Utilizing Tax Strategies
Vena Jones Cox – Create a Steady Stream of Off Market Deals
Special Presentation & Giveaway
Charles Dobens–Create Bigger Legacy: Warren Buffett Method
Jeffrey Taylor – #1 Way: Create Future Management Success

Many who attended the Convention have already ordered their copy of the teaching and question and answer sessions. If you have not yet ordered your copy or if you were not able to attend, I encourage you to order your copy today of the 3 Day 2023 Convention. The regular price is $399.95 for the complete audio recording on flash drive. For this month, the price is only $299.95 and free shipping. Call 1-800-950-2250 or click below now to order online.

Suggested Retail: $399.95        SALE PRICE: $299.95

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