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The more convenient rent payment options that you offer to your customers, the more options you will have to generate revenue for your rental business. For certain residents and certain situations, collection of rent by credit or debit card is the preferred solution by BOTH parties. Some residents are now actually seeking landlords who offer to accept rent by credit or debit card.

C&A Solutions Now Offers Landlords Low Cost Credit/Debit Rent Collection Options.

C&A Solutions, one of the sponsors of can help you get set up to receive payment by several methods including by Credit or Debit Card. As American spending continues to increase, so do the ways by which we pay. In addition to traditional paper checks and new online electronic check services, more and more residents are also using and preferring long-familiar credit and now-handy debit cards to pay for rent. While some landlords still shy away from credit card use, others consider credit card acceptance yet one more way to increase collections by making it easy for residents to pay. Since more than half of rental residents possess a credit card or debit card, credit and debit card acceptance can be well worth considering.

With their well-known transaction fees, why should a landlord consider accepting credit and debit cards?

Truth be known, there are some costs associated with every type of payment. In reality:

Debit cards for example cost a fraction of other card payment methods.

Studies have shown that by offering additional payment options, that businesses,including landlords, can expand and enhance cash flow.

There are no NSF checks.

In C&A Solutions, LLC, which specializes in automated payments for businesses and landlords, you have a reliable, trustworthy provider of established Merchant Account services from VISA MasterCard. C&A Solutions, LLC credit and debit card acceptance options are easy to use, and offer lower discount rates than many other processors. And if you mention that you heard about the services from, some of your fees will be discounted.

How do C&A Solutions, LLC Merchant Card services work?

Using your existing bank account(s), and a Merchant Account from C&A Solutions, LLC, you can process credit and debit card transactions using traditional phone line terminals, any in-house workstation that has Internet access, or any PayPoint enabled web page. An authorized user can process transactions either by phone, fax, over the Internet, or in person, any time, any day of the year. Special encryption technology makes the service a secure choice.

Why should a landlord choose to work with C&A Solutions, LLC Merchant Card services over another processor?

Four great reasons:

First, you're in excellent hands because C&A Solutions, LLC. They have been a reputable sponsor with for many years. They were founded in order to work with and help businesses and landlords determine the best payment solutions. C&A Solutions, LLC principals, after years of helping landlords and businesses understand your unique needs, and can help you easily get started collecting rent via credit or debit card if you wish to offer that option.

For example, based on our understanding of mom and pop landlords, the rental business and the apartment industries in which you are not expecting to have many face-to-face swipe transactions, our recommendation would be to help your business benefit from the special low non-swipe rates we offer through the use of a MOTO account where 51% or more of your transactions are non-swipe, card not present transactions (for example for recurring monthly credit card payments).

Another example, C&A Solutions may recommend processing credit cards using our web based payment gateway, the electronic ACH and Credit Card software payment solution that we offer; by entering the credit card information in through your keyboard and setting the frequency for the transaction. Because the Virtual Terminal Payment Gateway can take the place of a credit card machine (terminal), this eliminates the expense of purchasing a credit card terminal altogether, eliminates the tedious job of manually entering the credit card numbers into a terminal for recurring monthly credit card payments, protects the customer by increasing the security for the storage of their credit card numbers, and allows you to create a database so the recurring monthly check or credit card transactions will process automatically.

Secondly, many credit card service providers require clients to set up a separate demand deposit bank account for credit card funds. With C&A Solutions, LLC, no demand deposit account is needed. Simply use your existing bank account and keep your current, valued banking relationship in tact.

Finally, because C&A Solutions, LLC offers its Merchant Card services with lower discount rates, they're not only reliable and trustworthy; The services are also fair, competitive, and easily audited. And we seek to offer the best rates for those connected to partnership companies like who we have had a long-term relationship with.

Merchant Account Customer Service and Technical Support: We strive to provide customer service that is unparalleled! Plus 24 x 7 Customer Service Help Desk

C&A Solutions will assist you in every way to understand the process, get set-up and even answer any questions regarding possible concerns you may have with residents trying to dispute a charge or other concerns. has made special arrangements with C&A Solutions which has a long history specializing in working with rental owners across the country by helping them receive automatic payments through Credit/Debit cards and automatic paper drafts. They normally work with larger apartment owners. But, because of the number of visitors to, they have agreed to work with you. In addition, they've agreed to some of their fees for visitors.

C&A Solutions, understands that many of you will be trying this for the first time, and they will help you through the process step by step. They will provide you with everything you need to get setup and implement the program whether you have 1, 5 or 50 residents who want to take advantage of rent payments via credit or debit cards or other automatic payment methods. They will give you all the phone support you need to make your rent collection easier. For more information, call 512-255-6961, and ask for Claudia. Or email her at Tell her you want to start getting your rents on time, every time! Plus, be sure to tell her that you heard about their services from so you get the special pricing.



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